The Feeling of Wonder

Instantly convey a sense of adventure or action with these breathtaking clips.

There's nothing like the feeling of wonder, adventure and discovery. That sensation that takes hold when you see something breathtaking and realize you've never seen anything like it before. Looking to take your video projects to new heights? Tired of your mundane stock footage collections? Check out these captivating visuals of a variety of locations and settings that evoke the sentiment of wonder.

Beautiful young woman practicing morning yoga on sand sea beach. Surya Namaskar - Sun Greetings. Slow motion

campfire at mountain rorest at night

Senior man with a surfboard at the beach

Friends jumping in the river together off of a cliff

Top view of Hong Kong cityscape

way of life. road to success. pathway street road. aerial view. lake panorama

Double tail whip on a Mountain Bike - Extreme Sports

Fabulous Starry Sky. Time Lapse 4K

Milky Way Galaxy Night Timelapse Passes Giant Satellite Dish. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

School of Powder Blue Surgeonfish or Powder Blue Tang (Acanthurus leucosternon). Fish eating, feeding, swimming in shallow sea water of the Maldives, Asia, Indian Ocean. Animals on atoll coral reef

Man running in the middle of the street. Background shot. Slow motion. Abstract concept of individual success and fame.

AERIAL: Forest glade in the sun

Handheld shot of black woman playing tennis on tennis court

Kick flip skateboard in slow motion. Skatepark

4K 60fps Aerial of Woman by Athabasca Rive in Jasper

After Effects CS5 Template: Motion Glam Titles

World Travel Slideshow

Professional young boxer in the ring, will practice the technique of strikes, struts, protection and endurance, blue eraser bandages, in camera. Concept: love of sport, young boxers, love of victory.

Man Running with Mountains in Background

An African man dribbles a basket ball against a black background.

on top of mountain peak. aerial view. winter landscape


Creative Modern Stories for Premiere Pro

After Effects CS5 Template: Journey Intro

Looking Up at Stars Through Trees

Steadicam shot of two healthy men peddling fast with cycling road bicycle at sunset. With cyclist support vehicle in pursuit.

Divers Watch Big Sea Turtle Swim Away

Young Brunette Dancing Break Dance In Studio.

Driving under palm trees at a resort. Slow motion.

Group of young people skateboarding on the road in the early morning near the sea, close up shot

Classic VW Bus Driving Along the Coast

hot air baloon double burner firing in air

4K Red Bellied Woodpecker On A Snowy Day

Slow Motion Rain on Plant

Slow motion Female Break Dancer Performing in front of Graffiti Wall

tress woods forest. snow winter nature. sun flare. light

Multicolored Reef With Yellow Fish

Aerial drone shot over coast waves in martinique.

Waist-up shot of middle aged Asian woman with smartphone in armband listening to music with wireless earphones while running along urban riverside in the morning

Bird Animal Seagulls Flying on Clear Blue Sky

Sailboat on Ocean, Stunning Overhead Aerial Drone Shot

Drone view of beautiful seamless never ending footage while turquiose sea waves breaking on sandy coastline. Aerial shot of golden beach meeting deep blue ocean water and foamy waves

NSW, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 2016: bodyboarder surfer big stormy sea waves from cyclone

Cutting tomato by culinary knife. Slow motion

Man and pet dog rest next to campfire on hike trip. High quality 4k footage