Staff Picks: July

A collection of our favorite authentic footage clips from emerging creators and Re: Stock artists in HD and 4k.

Our curation team hand-picked their favorite diverse and authentic library content. We hope it inspires your creative projects as much as it inspires us to keep creating content that authentically reflects the world we live in.

Handheld, slow motion shot of shirtless Indigenous man canoeing

Handheld shot of two African American men talking outdoors

Handheld shot of Indigenous women preparing harvested taro plant

Handheld, overhead shot of a black lesbian couple lying next to each other

Handheld shot of two lesbian couples talking at backyard party

Handheld shot of young black woman praying

Asian Woman Close Up in Park

Static shot of a black teenage girl smiling at camera

Medium shot of black trans woman dancing

Handheld shot of loving interracial couple talking outdoors

Slow motion pan shot of a young Indigenous woman beading

A reveal clip of a Native American man prepping his hands with climbing chalk

Profile clip of a smiling Native American man at the beach

Close-up of Asian American woman cooking with Elderly Indian woman.

Handheld shot of Indigenous man and woman canoeing together at dusk

Two african girls doing make up together at home

Calm non-binary Filipino fixing their hair in their bedroom, getting ready for the day

Handheld shot of lesbian Caucasian woman cooking in kitchen

Handheld shot of black lesbian couple hanging out in an apartment, smiling

Native American man looking out at mountains

Handheld, close-up shot of black women focusing on off camera activity, combing hair

Handheld shot of two young african american girls eating ice cream cones

Handheld shot of young black teenager checking herself out in mirror

Static, close-up shot of woman surprised while eating popcorn in movie theater

Handheld, slow-motion shot of young black girl swatting away rubber ball

Slow-motion shot of two young girls jumping into rain puddles on driveway

Close up shot of a black african artist playing drum at his home

Static, close-up shot of queer couple holding hands while walking on street

Handheld, slow-motion shot of two toddlers and two adults reading book

Static, close-up shot of two black men sparring

Tracking shot of young black woman practicing yoga

Detail shot of African-American artist painting mural of Breonna Taylor

Handheld shot of a Black woman swimming in the water

A slow pan left shot of a young black woman with blonde highlighted braids breathing contently on a riverside

Young black woman walks towards the water to go swimming

Non-binary Filipino artist peacefully painting flowers in their bedroom

Side body shot of a black man drinking water at the park in Morocco

Beautiful black African girl touching her hair in a nice garden in africa uganda

Full body shot of the back of a free and happy black man enjoying himself on a sunny day at the beach in Morocco

Concerned Arabic middle eastern Egyptian woman touches face affected by acne while looking at the mirror

Arabic middle eastern young woman describes her health condition to a doctor in blue scrubs taking notes

Closeup of a stethoscope on the arm of a patient whose blood pressure is being measured

Arabic middle eastern Egyptian woman touches face affected by acne while looking at the mirror

Black American man in Harlem close up

Asian woman feeling confident in front of mirror

Close up shot of a black man enjoying a cup of mint tea in Morocco

Young black people serving themselves food at a party

Medium shot of a pretty black African girl doing hair at the balcony in africa uganda