The Feeling of Calm

Instantly convey a sense of calm and peacefulness with these serene footage clips and templates.

Take a deep breadth and close your eyes. Do you know that feeling? How do you convey a sense of calm, serenity, and inner peace in your video projects? We've curated a collection of visually stunning clips and templates that evoke that feeling and emotion.

close up shot face young sensual european girl open blue eyes look brihgt morning sun light deep breathes in new life calm wind atmosphere


Lovely Photo Slides | After Effects

Sunset Nature view of summer field. Beautiful calm Sunset background. Nature and ecology concept. Golden evening sunset on the meadow, rural summer backgrounds.

Close up portrait of young african american lady drinking coffee or tea, enjoying cup of her favorite drink, empty space

African American Mixed Race Woman Does Yoga In The Morning Balancing On One Leg With Hands Above Her Head

water reflection. bridge landscape. birds flying. slow motion. sunset

Cheerful young disabled woman with down syndrome doing yoga exercise with her personal trainer helping her


Brush Transitions Premiere

Plus-Sized African Lady Reading Book Sitting In Chair At Home

Cinematic and tender portrait of authentic real young woman stand in middle of forest. Traveller breathe in and inhale fresh clean air. Relaxed and calm feeling, emotion of connection to nature

A man holds a biological sprout of life in his labor hands with the ground for planting, on a green background, concept: lifestyle, farming, ecology, bio, love, tradition, new life.

A slow motion to the end of a narrow wooden pier over a lake, surrounded by dark wood


Abstract Scribble Animations for Premiere Pro

Enjoying summer day. Young peaceful african american woman standing outdoors in park and breathing, tracking shot


Ink Transitions Premiere

The hand of a young girl (woman) holds the hand of an elderly person, a sign of love, help, faith and support, help to relatives. Concept boarding house, sanatorium, nursing home, help for the elderly

Forest trees leaf. nature green wood sunlight backgrounds.

Candlelight in the night, tealight candles, calm


Fit pretty girl practicing pranayama on beach hill close up. Calm woman meditating in lotus pose closing eyes. Closeup sporty young body sitting on seacoast wearing black sportswear. Healthy lifestyle

Close up of girl bare feet walking on a green grass in the forest

Loving Asian senior couple happy together at ocean sunrise

Slow motion young woman legs swinging near lake with reflecting colorful trees happy pier relax water nature calm freedom close up

Beautiful lovers hugging on sea beach shoreline. Couple enjoying nature ocean view. Multiethnic dreamy people embracing on coast. Young romantic partners on date. Caring love vacation holiday concept.

Slow motion of clean water falling on a human hand against the sun. Source of life.

Happy mixed race lesbian couple. Women with joy and laughter hug each other and laugh

Woman do yoga at sunset

Attractive african american woman going into twisted chair yoga pose, in slow motion

Happy senior couple relaxing at home, dancing. Slow motion

Senior couple looking each other at the beach

Hands holding, praying on open Bible book. Hands of an old woman on an open book. The concept of reflection and meditation

Aerial view of river in sunset

Lone Tree Growing Out of Mountainside

Beautiful young woman posing in shirt with book at sunrise window, close-up

Old Man Reading Book

Man Looking Out Over Harbor, Boats, at Sunset

Young asian woman feeling relax enjoying morning sunlight inside park creek, standing on wooden bridge, people walking and relaxing on the background, enjoy herself on the weekend outdoor activity

Mother and Baby. Happy Family. Mom With her Child smiling and laughing at home.