Landscaping and Gardening

A collection of clips showing landscape and gardening activities in the spring

Highlighting people doing landscape and gardening work.

Lawn mowing with garden scissors close-up, grass care, farmer cutting green leaves with pruning shear or secateur, farming and gardening concept.

Rack focus from plus-size landscaper to slim engineer talking in slow motion examining blueprint outdoors. Two expert professional African American women planning project standing in summer park.

Gardener hands planting flower seedlings in soil at spring flower bed. Female hands transplanting flowers on green lawn in summer garden. Gardening and landscaping

An aerial view of a man mowing the lawn

Planting young pines using technology. Planting trees, reforestation. Forestry planting new seedlings. Coniferous forests are the lungs of the planet. Greening of felling areas, renewable energy

Handheld shot of mature Hispanic woman planting in backyard garden

Latino Hispanic man carries ladder on lawn during landscaping construction job

Gardener with empty wheelbarrow at sunset time.

Slow motion of a leaf blower used to clean leaves in a yard

The gardener planted rose bushes seedlings in the ground

Unrecognizable young man pushing away lawnmower outdoors on summer spring day. African American landscaper gardener working with machine equipment in garden outdoors.

Handheld, slow motion shot of African American man trimming plants in garden

Farmer woman, wearing work gloves, filled with freshly dug land to plant vegetables. Farmer working in field. Hands planting a seedling. Work in the vegetable garden.

Young happy farming couple watering lettuce produce on their farm with sun rays.

Happy farmer walking with watering can in hand on his lettuce farm .

12-Man Farmer Picking Red And Green Tomatoes From Plant

Close up of farmer hands planting a young plant in a field

Male hand plants seeds in the soil in spring, close-up

Lady Watering Plants 2

Summer landscape. Automatic watering system for plants and lawn. Water sprinkler showering grass in park.

Equipment for landscape irrigation. Automatic watering system for greenhouses. Irrigation system. Irrigation machine watering big plantation of pine seedllings. Watering system

Unrecognized farmer in garden gloves walking through the garden with a shovel and pitchfork in hands close-up. Concept of rural life, fruit-growing, gardening. Slow motion

Handheld shot of mature Hispanic woman watering lawn

Handheld shot of African American man cutting of flowers from plant